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SoTellUs Time helps entrepreneurs outsmart, out market, and outperform the Goliath in their industry. It’s the old biblical story of David versus Goliath, everybody has that competitor that they're looking at saying "how did they grow so fast or get so big and how can I ever compete with them?" Follow Us On:

Sep 10, 2019

When starting your company most of us don't have a lot of money so we piece together free or cheap programs to get it up and running. As we grow we have more money and our needs change. It can be hard to change programs but we need them to do more. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a program that would grow with us. Well, now there is! Today we discuss the one program we couldn't run our business without. It sends out over 100 thousand emails for us each month, it bills million of dollars for us, it does voice blasts, it runs our sales campaigns and reps, it has reminders, and much more. It can be as simple or robust as you need.