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SoTellUs Time helps entrepreneurs outsmart, out market, and outperform the Goliath in their industry. It’s the old biblical story of David versus Goliath, everybody has that competitor that they're looking at saying "how did they grow so fast or get so big and how can I ever compete with them?" Follow Us On:

Nov 12, 2019

One thing most businesses struggle with is USP (Unique Selling Proposition). If you pick any industry and Google it, take the top 3 results and you'll see they pretty much look the same. If you can create and market a unique selling proposition it can build your business faster and bigger than your competitors. On today's episode we discuss the following:

  1. How do you stand out among your competitors?
  2. What is a unique selling proposition or USP?
  3. What is not a USP?
  4. What is a good USP?
  5. How to discover your USP?

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