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SoTellUs Time helps entrepreneurs outsmart, out market, and outperform the Goliath in their industry. It’s the old biblical story of David versus Goliath, everybody has that competitor that their looking at saying "how did they grow so fast or get so big and how can I ever compete with them?" Follow Us On:

Feb 18, 2020

Having a special offer can literally catapult your business into success, just ask Coca-Cola! Today we will discuss the first coupon ever created, why special offers work, the different types of special offers, how to create a special offer, and the importance of the wording you use in your special offer. Having the...

Feb 11, 2020

In our 20 years of business we have been dirt poor and filthy rich! Were we happier one way or the other? Today we will discuss "Money and Happiness, Can you have Both?"  Here are the topics of today's discussion:

  • Study done by Princeton
  • Working like crazy to be a millionaire
  • How does money help people be happier?
  • How...

Feb 4, 2020

On today's episode we talk about Multi-Step Marketing, what it is, and how to use it to get more customers. Did you know: 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting and 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up. This is INSANE!

Let's discuss the following: 

  1.  What is Multi-Step Marketing? 
  2. Examples 
  3. When...

Jan 28, 2020

On today's episode of SoTellUs Time we are discussing the challenges business owners face when it comes to making decisions. All too often we think making no decision is better than making a bad decision. We will show you how making no decision is a bad decision! Here are the categories we will go over:

    • Decision...

Jan 21, 2020

Today we discuss how we tend to hold on to toxic poeple and employees in our lives and how it can seriously damage our companies! We will talk about how to avoid hiring these people in the first place, how to deal with them if you do, and the damage they could be causing without you even knowing! We will share some of...